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I need a function to read a specific value in a config.ini file and write it to a variable.

The value in the config.ini is an IP address (the IP address could be any IP address defined by the user in the config.ini file)

Here's an example of my simple config.ini file:

ipaddr =

The variable that should have the value from the config.ini file is the char *ipaddr variable as seen in this code below

#include "settings.h"

char *ipaddr = "xxx.xxx.x.xxx";

namespace iocp {

  IOCP_Port(8092) {
    hostAddress.s_addr = inet_addr(ipaddr);

SettingsData Settings;

}   // end namespace iocp

How do I read the IP address from the config.ini file and write it to the char*?

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Boost program_options library has a component specific for your needs: see here. Could be overkill in your case, if you are not using boost routinely...

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