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I couldn't figure it out, Need help with the following task:

The existing Linux program foo2bar takes as its only argument the name of a single foo file and converts it to an appropriately-named bar file. Provide a script that when executed will run foo2bar against all foo files in the current directory.

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If I understand right:


for f in *.foo; do
  foo2bar "$f"
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You can use "for r in find . -name "*foo*" ; do mv $r $r"-" ; done" to rename foo files in current directory.

 # ls
 1.foo  2.foo  3.foo  foo  foo.1  foo.2  foo.3

 # for r in `find . -name "*foo*"` ; do mv $r $r"-" ; done

 # ls
 1.foo-  2.foo-  3.foo-  foo-  foo.1-  foo.2-  foo.3- 


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I think the rename command may be your friend here.


rename foo bar *foo*

will change all the foo to bar for the file names with foo in them.

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