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I just did a fresh install of Apache server 2.2. Everything works. When I go to localhost I get: "It Works!"

I just installed mySQL5.5 and when I go to localhost:3306 I just get gibberish:

J��� 5.5.22�'���4[LM{D~p�ÿ÷!�€����������6[I=4/+,9z{|�mysql_native_password�!��ÿ„#08S01Got packets out of order

I see many posts on the internet with users with similar problems, but I can't figure out a solution.

Can anyone help?

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The mysql service is not a web interface - you cannot connect using a browser. You will need to install a mysql client of some kind.

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I ran an sql script that created a db. I created a php page that spits out the data in the db, but I get the garbled text above when I try to load the page: localhost:3306/test.php –  Adam Apr 7 '12 at 11:24
You need to be loading the page using localhost/test.php. That is the apache server. It is the apache server that is delivering test.php, not the database. 3306 is the port that the database listens on for database connections, such as from your code. –  rainecc Apr 7 '12 at 11:31
these novices...i must tell you -_- –  devaldcool Sep 25 at 12:11

I'm a jsp beginner. I have a same problem with you. I guess it's kind of port problem.

For me, I had set the port for Apache server connector as 9090. Later, when I installed mysql, the port for mysql was 3306 as its default port.

In my jsp file, i loaded jdbc driver like 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:9090/dbname' and then i call 'http://localhost:9090/my.jsp' on my web browser. That's when I got the same problem with you.

I fixed the port part in my jsp file like 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dbname' and I could get it all right.

I think you need to check the port for your Apache server. You can check out \conf\server.xml file in your Apache directory. The part starts with "Connector port=8080...." in server.xml file. If so, you need to put 'http://localhost:8080... on your browser.

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a client is needed, if your looking for a gui interface, something like http://www.phpmyadmin.net/ this post goes into more detail and has allot more clients to offer.

What is the best MySQL Client Application for Windows

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