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I have the following code:

 * [...]
 * @see #setShowOn(T, Device)
 public static <T extends HasStyle> void setHideOn(T widget, Device device) {

setShowOn has the same signature as setHideOn. Javadoc complains:

Tag @see: can't find setHideOn(T, Device) in com.github.[...]

I tried different alternatives (@see #setShowOn(<T>, Device), @see #setShowOn(T extends HasStyle, Device), ...) but those didn't even work in Eclipse. (@see #setShowOn(T, Device) does.)

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I found the answer. This works:

@see #setHideOn(HasStyle, Device)
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That would make sense -- the erasure of T in your example would have to be HasStyle. Thanks for sharing! –  pholser Apr 8 '12 at 18:04

I've had to resort to the erasure of the method that has generic parameters, e.g.:

@see #setHideOn(Object, Device)

In JOpt Simple I have an example of this -- in OptionSet.java, there are @linkplain references to ArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec#defaultsTo(V, V...) that I have to encode as ArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec#defaultsTo(Object, Object[]) instead.

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Strange. I see it working in your docs but I get the same error message as before. –  Dominik Apr 8 '12 at 17:17

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