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<font size="+1"><font size="+2" color="green"><b>1.</b> 
</font><b>If no head injury is too trivial to be neglected, then:</b></font>

In PHP using preg_match or preg_match_all I want to retrieve the text "If no head injury is too trivial to be neglected, then:"

How can I do this?

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You have read the documentation for those functions and understand what the difference between them is, right? – Juhana Apr 7 '12 at 10:57
Did you come across our search function yet? Questions like that came up before. – mario Apr 7 '12 at 10:58

Code :


$str = '<font size="+1"><font size="+2" color="green"><b>1.</b></font><b>If no head injury is too trivial to be neglected, then:</b></font>';
$pattern = "/font><b>(.+)<\/b>/";

echo $matches[1];


Output :

If no head injury is too trivial to be neglected, then:

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I am not sure, under what conditiones you select the string to capture, why gets 1. not captured, but your 2. string does? As long, as you do not explain that I can only guess, so as an expression:


will match all html tags, that only contain a text node (wich should be case for xhtml, since <p>text<br /></p> would not be wellformed...).

so <p>text</p><br>text2</br> will be matched and as a result the text will be in capturegroup 1.

<\w+(?:\s+\w+=(?:(?:"[^"]*")|(?:'[^']*')))*\s*> will capture every opening xhtml tag

([^<]+) will catch all cahrs exept from < and put it in the capturegroup

</\w+> finally catches the closing tag...

the g is the global flag so that the expression can catch multiple results...

Good luck with this, if you need something different please be a little more precise...

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The pattern will be something like this:

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This also much "<b>1.</b>"... – Dr.Kameleon Apr 7 '12 at 11:12

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