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I have very large HAML template. I'm just wondering if there is any possibility to split it into separate HAML-files and include them into original one?

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Note that as of Sinatra 1.1 you no longer need a "partial" helper, as the haml method will automatically detect if you are calling it from within a template and add the layout:false option accordingly.

I use a helper method that is more powerful than the simple implementation linked to by @Nash, but simpler than the 'full' method they include there:

def partial( page, variables={} )
  haml page, {layout:false}, variables

Use it like so:

#comment= partial :comment, user:@user, comment:@comment

This is part of my Riblits shell for new Sinatra projects, easily usable by Monk like so:

# Before creating your project
monk add riblits git://github.com/Phrogz/riblits.git

# Inside your empty project directory
monk init -s riblits
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