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I'm not getting any error messages, simply my vector is not populating. Looking at the vector in the watch list, nothing is being copied. Why is this? I've tried two ways. The first

std::vector<Point3D*>   hitpoints;
local_hit_point = sr.local_hit_point; //local_hit_point class Point3D 

The second way I tried to use pointers

std::vector<Point3D*>   hitpoints; 
Point3D* hittingpoint_ptr = new Point3D;
local_hit_point = sr.local_hit_point;
hittingpoint_ptr = &local_hit_point;

I got vectors in other places in my code which work. Am I really just being daft, but I can't seem to figure out why its not working.

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How do you know that it is not populating? (source code please) – Vincent Apr 7 '12 at 12:04
If you only have one, why do you use it? Is it possible that sr.local_hit_point is actually an array of Point3D? In that case you would need to loop through them all and add them one by one. – SpaceToast Apr 7 '12 at 12:04
You can use hitpoints.size() to see how many elements there are. When storing pointers, are you sure that the pointed-to object stays in place? – Bo Persson Apr 7 '12 at 12:08
Vincent. When I debug I have a 'watch list' and I can see that nothing is going into hitpoints. What source code would you like? sr.local_hit_point returns a x,y,z Cartesian coordinate point of a ray hitting a object. The vector is in a 'for' loop, and I want to store the hitpoint at each pass. Bo Persson, how do I test if the pointed to object stays in place? – Seb Apr 7 '12 at 12:17
In you second way: Why are you creatin new point and than equalizing it to another will lose that pointer in this case..By the way are sure that your debugger is not mal-functioning.. – Semih Ozmen Apr 7 '12 at 12:19

My best guess is that you have an issue with you debugger..

First Suggestion;

  • Clear everything in your watchlist because they can change the behaviour of the execution check it again..

Second suggestion;

  • Create a new project and write a simple code like the one above and see whether your vector is populating..If this simple project works, you should provide us more code and details..
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simply my vector is not populating.

It is populating. However

Looking at the vector in the watch list ... I used hitpoint.size()

Results of function/method calls (size() is a method) are not automatically updated in visual studio watch list (because you haven't told what os/compiler you use I had to assume it is visual studio). I.e. if you enter function call into watch list, it'll calculate results, but will not call function again until you manually refresh it. Instead of function call, add vector itself into watch list.

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