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I got a bit confused, because when I use the generic ListView class, Django is looking for "appname/objectname_list.html" inside the "appname/templates" folder. This results in:


If I supply "template_name", it does not require the subfolder inside the templates folder anymore.

Why doesn't it find the objectname_list.html inside the "templates" folder like before in 1.3 ? Did I configure something wrong or did they change the place where I'm supposed to put my templates as well ? In 1.3 I used to place template html files inside "appname/templates" directly instead of using a subfolder.

For me it does not make sense to use another subfolder with the name of the app, where the templates folder is already in. Or am I missing something useful ?

I could not find anything about it in the release notes.

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I don't think this is 1.4 specific. If you will want your template in a subfolder, specify template_name = 'subfolde/template.html'

Regarding template dirs, from the docs:

... For each app in INSTALLED_APPS, the loader looks for a templates subdirectory. If the directory exists, Django looks for templates in there.

So the actual dir is:

            ^^^               ^^^

This helps you keep everything inside the app folder and does not require you to configure anything,

This also means that if you have apps foo, bar and baz, you can still have one templates dir under one of the apps:

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So what's the use of the additional sub folder ? Is it so I can cut&paste the templates easier to another place ? It just looks weird to have the appname multiple times. –  JasonTS Apr 7 '12 at 12:53
It allows you to override/modify templates of another app, i.e. myproj/foo/templates/admin/base_site.html –  Udi Apr 7 '12 at 12:59
Isn't that very untidy ? I get that the subfolder is useful in projname/templates/appname/template.py. But overriding templates of one app inside anther entangles them very much. Well anyway, thank you very much ! –  JasonTS Apr 7 '12 at 13:10

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