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There is an application, that a user can interact with. I would like my program to interact with it the same way. More specifically to my case: There is an application that is running on a computer, for which I have don't have any APIs, code excerpts, or the developer's phone number. Every so often it needs to be reset, which is something you can do by right-clicking on it's task-bar icon and picking an option from the menu. Remote Desktop/Radmin and similar solutions are not workable, as I don't always have access to the internet, and besides I'm looking to decrease the amount of micromanagement I do, not increase it.

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I'd suggest using autohotkey. You can send the clicks unattended via script easily

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I'm not clear about this in the question, but I primarily need this to work when I'm not at the computer. Also (not sure if this is a problem for AHK, but I though I'd mention it) the place of the task-bar icon sometimes changes, and the script needs to be resistant to that. –  user1319154 Apr 8 '12 at 12:25

I've not used them myself, but Active Accessibility and specifically the Windows Automation API seem to be the commonly recommended solution when you have to twiddle another application's GUI.

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