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I have the following code here that won't run on ARC since it combines Objective-C objects in structs:

struct SingleToManyRelation {
    id singleObject;
    NSSet* manyObjects;

I know this is reminiscent of Core Data, but that's not the point ;) I am just looking for a solution to implement something like that without having to create a "container" class.

Thanks in advance for your advices, Christian

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Give your objects the __unsafe_unretained attribute and ARC will stop complaining (but keep in mind that they aren't retained! So you have to somehow store a strong relationship to them, if you don't want to lose them)

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Found another solution, but it worked ;) Thanks! –  cschwarz Apr 7 '12 at 15:10
@cschwarz and that solution was? –  pxpgraphics Aug 4 at 17:43

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