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I would like to get up-to-date information on Google's index of a website, and it seems that results vary depending on which datacentre happens to process your search query.

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It's worth noting that this is a violation of google's TOS.. – Jerub Sep 19 '08 at 8:55
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You can use one of the many tools designed specifically for this. One of them is Google Datacenter Search at iWebTool.

(It's really all about getting a list of data center IPs and sending the same GET variable to them as to google.com.)

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Great! I see that I am limited to 5 searches per hour. Are there any other limitations, for example can I use this every day? – Liam Sep 19 '08 at 9:09
It looks like manually inserting the IP address into the address bar is the simplest solution once you have gathered them. – Liam Jan 10 '09 at 23:51

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