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I have make one facebook app. I have send requests of that facebook app to lots of facebook users, How do I know that how many users has not accepted my facebook app requests.

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"How do I know that how many users has not accepted my facebook app requests."

1) You app is told, after a Request ( is made, how many id's (and which ones) the request was sent to. So store the list of ids somewhere in your datastore, removing duplicate ids of course.

  request: 'REQUEST_OBJECT_ID'
  to:[array of USER_IDs]

2) When someone comes to your app thru the request, you get their ID. You are removing the requests per the documentation, correct?

When a user is directed to your app by clicking accepting a Request you must delete the request after it has been accepted. Requests are not automatically deleted once they have been clicked, thus it is the developer’s responsibility to clear them once they have been accepted.

3) So when you remove the accepted id from your list, you still have a complete list of ids who have not accepted your app.

Happy coding!

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