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I have a question regaring writing triplets in RDF. According to the description http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-concepts/#section-triples, it's been said that a predicate should be an URI.

But lets say if I want to write something like <http://mydomain.com/#me>site-owner "http://mydomain.com" then, how am I supposed to write a URI for site-owner. I am a bit confused. As give in this tutorial

http://videolectures.net/training06_sure_stsw/. He has written rdf in xml as

<rdf:Description rdf:about=“#York”>

However, here the actual predicate tel is not in URI format. I am a bit confused. Even though one is using XML and the other is using NTriples, I think it should be same, isn't it. Thanks

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tel in your example would expand to something like http://example.org/tel, it's using the default namespace for the document defined in the RDF element in the RDF/XML so it's still a URI.

Just coin a URI for site-owner and use that for defining that triple. Better yet, try using standard vocabularies such as FOAF or Dublin Core.

You may want to check out the RDF primer if you have not already. In fact, most of the resources on the w3c are quite good and you should start with those.

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