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Just been searching the net regarding Java abit and I've been stumbling across a few worrying articles regarding Apple deciding to ditch Java. The articles were a bit old and I couldn't find any new information myself but as far as I can remember (I haven't had chance to go on my MacBook Pro in a while) Java still comes with the OS X...

Luckily, I had decided to learn Objective-C in the coming weeks anyway, but I'd still like to know any information concerning Apple's support for Java (on their desktop operating system - I know it's not supported on the iOS).

I look forward to seeing your answers. Thanks in advance.

PS If anybody knows why Apple are refusing to entertain the wonderful language of Java, I'd be interested to know that as well!

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I'm no expert on Mac., but sometime within the last 6 months I recall hearing one of the more experienced Mac. users chuckling about this, and pointing out that other JREs are about to become available for OS X in any case. Personally I wish that Sun had always insisted on supplying, and taking responsibility for, JREs on each platform that Java was intended to run on. – Andrew Thompson Apr 7 '12 at 15:57
Just means Mac OSX won't be trailing behind with out of date JDK implementations - Apple just released a patch to their own version of JDK6 because a security vulnerability. I'm just waiting for official JDK7 implementations from OpenJDK. – birryree Apr 7 '12 at 15:59
Oh, Excellent. I feared the worse, so this is great news. I agree with you @AndrewThompson - Sun should have always managed Java for everyone, but as long as none of the operating systems currently supported drop Java support, I'm happy! Thanks for the clarification. – Andy Apr 7 '12 at 16:12

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This probably answers your question:

Basically, Apple will no longer produce their own JDK/JRE, but Oracle will start supplying the JDK/JRE for Mac OS X. There's a developer preview already available somewhere (a bit of googling should find it).

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Thanks, that cleared things up for me. (Good news as well :)) – Andy Apr 7 '12 at 16:13

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