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I'm looking for a Java/Scala library that can take an user query and a text and returns if there was a matching or not.

I'm processing a stream of information, ie: Twitter Stream, and can't afford to use a batching process, I need to evaluate each tweet in realtime, instead of index it through Lucene RAMDisk and querying it later.

It's possible create a parser/lexer using ANTLR but this is such common usage that I can't believe nobody create a lib before.

Some samples from TextQuery Ruby library that does exactly what I need:"'to be' OR NOT 'to_be'").match?("to be")   # => true"-test").match?("some string of text")      # => true"NOT test").match?("some string of text")   # => true"a AND b").match?("b a")                    # => true"a AND b").match?("a c")                    # => false

    q ="a AND (b AND NOT (c OR d))")
    q.match?("d a b")                                         # => false
    q.match?("b")                                             # => false
    q.match?("a b cdefg")                                     # => true"a~").match?("adf")                         # => true"~a").match?("dfa")                         # => true"~a~").match?("daf")                        # => true"2~a~1").match?("edaf")                     # => true"2~a~2").match?("edaf")                     # => false"a", :ignorecase => true).match?("A b cD")  # => true

Once it was implemented in Ruby it's not suitable for my platform, also I can't use JRuby just for this point on our solution:

I found a similar question but couldn't get answer from it: Boolean Query / Expression to a Concrete syntax tree


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@edgarespina just told me about Parboiled it seems very similar with Treetop for Ruby. Maybe that's the easiest solution. – Arjones Apr 8 '12 at 4:30
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Given that you are doing text search, I would try to leverage some of the infrastructure provided by Lucene. May be you could create a QueryParser and call parse to get back a Query. Instantiable subclasses of Query are:


Then you may be able to use pattern matching to implement what a match means for your application:

def match_?(tweet: String, query: Query): Boolean = query match {
  case q: TermQuery => tweet.contains(q.getTerm.text)
  case q: BooleanQuery => 
    // return true if all must clauses are satisfied
    // call match_? recursively
  // you need to cover all subclasses above
  case _ => false

val q = queryParser.parse(userQuery)
val res = match_?(tweet, q)

Here is an implementation. It surely has bugs but you'll get the idea and it shows a working proof of concept. It re-uses the syntax, documentation and grammer of the default Lucene QueryParser.

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Spring Expression Language (SpEL) supports a matches operator that returns booleans based on regular expressions. See this section of the documentation for usage.

This would also allow you to use logical operators such as and, or and not.

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