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I have a coldfusion application running right now with a login that sends a query to the database looking for a row with the same username and password as what was entered into the form.

Curently, it is completely non-case sensitive. However, I would like to add case sensitivity to the password field, so that users have to have the exact password. Is there a way to do a case sensitive IF statement in coldfusion?

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You can hash() both values and compare the hashes.

<cfif Hash( DBPassword ) EQ Hash( SubmittedPassword )>
      <!--- Login Code --->

Also, you shouldn't be storing passwords as plain-text in the databases as is.

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+1. Though compare is probably the function you are looking for, storing passwords in plain text is unwise. Better to store a hashed version in your db table and use something like WHERE Password = <cfqueryparam value="#Hash(form.password)#" ..> –  Leigh Apr 7 '12 at 18:06

Another option:

If your database supports case-sensitivity, set your table to use a case-sensitive collation - then your user lookup query will make case-sensitive comparison of stored and provided username/password. You won't have to do any post-query string comparison using CF then (1 less process to run = good :)

+1 to Leigh's caution about storing passwords in plain-text.

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Yep, or if you do not want to permanently change it, you could also use COLLATE on a per comparison basis. –  Leigh Apr 8 '12 at 21:19

As mentioned here: http://www.irt.org/script/3018.htm

seems you can use:

<cfif Compare(string1,string2) eq "0">...</cfif>
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