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I have a report that is I need to create a xy chart with. I have done several charts and have not come back with this error.

The report compiles fine. When I execute the chart within the application I get the following error:

Null 'orientation' argument

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Can you provide some screenshots / error logs / steps to reproduce the error? –  Hrishikesh Choudhari Apr 9 '12 at 6:47
I've same problem, non of suggestions (upgrading jasperreports jar files nor manually modifying .jrxml file) could not solve my problem. Could you find any solution for this error?! –  Ehsan Khodarahmi Sep 21 '12 at 9:02

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i was having same issue. My problem was that i had old version of jasperreport.jar on my classpath. Verify your jars

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I got the same error for a bar chart. We use ireport 4.1.2 and it has a bug: when you select 'orientation' as 'Vertical', the jrxml file is not updated with this property. So you need to switch to 'XML' view and add: <bar3DPlot> <plot orientation="Vertical" ... > </bar3DPlot>

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