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which are some mathematical packages that can be used from C#? I know about Lutz Roeder's Mapack package, do you know about similar packages? I am mainly interested of numerical analysis: numerical integration, linear and non-linear equations solving.


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Some free libraries:

  • Meta.Numerics (,
  • Math.NET (
  • dnAnalytics (
  • ILNumerics.NET (

A propriatary library:

  • Extreme Optimization (

I am the architect of the Meta.Numerics library. It addresses your main interests with APIs for numerical integration, root-finding, and minimization/maximazation.

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NAG also have a library, currently in Beta.

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Not exactly a library but a useful class when dealing with large numbers: BigInteger.

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Have a look at the Iridium package:

Iridium package

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