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I have a project with 2 applications in two flavors each, iPhone and iPad. So, the project has 4 targets. It is obviously not universal.

To easy things, lets call each application AAA and BBB.

The launch images are named like this:

AAA for iPhone

  • AAAiPhone.png
  • AAAiPhone@2x.png

AAA for iPad

  • AAAiPad-Portrait@2x.png
  • AAAiPad-Portrait.png
  • AAAiPad-Landscape@2x.png
  • AAAiPad-Landscape.png

The BBB images have the same name structure, with BBB instead of AAA in the name.

I have added this UILaunchImageFile to each plist, like this:

  • AAA for iPhone ... Launch Image (iPhone) = AAAiPhone.png
  • AAA for iPad ... Launch Image (iPad) = AAAiPad.png
  • BBB for iPhone ... Launch Image (iPhone) = BBBiPhone.png
  • BBB for iPad ... Launch Image (iPad) = BBBiPad.png

When I drag the images to the proper place holder on Xcode it goes fine for AAA, but when I do that for BBB it overwrites all AAA images. It appears to be ignoring the info.plist information.

Any clues?


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It's because the images are renamed to Default.png (or another name same for each target).

You need to do it like this:

Add a entry in your plist for each target. iPad: Launch image (iPad) iPhone Launch image (iPhone)

enter image description here

Use a different string for each target. Place the images with that string to your resource files (also make sure that only the desired images are active in the desired target).


  • Target 1

    • plist: Launch image (iPad) = AAADefaultiPad
    • Place files: AAADefaultiPad@2x.png and AAADefaultiPad.png
  • Target 2

    • plist: Launch image (iPad) = BBBDefaultiPhone
    • Place files: AAADefaultiPhone@2x.png and BBBDefaultiPhone.png

Edit 1: Place the images as you would place a image file into your graphic resources. Do not place it in the image space under Target "Summary".

Works for me pretty well.

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I did that, but the problem persists... btw, I hate Xcode 4. – SpaceDog Apr 7 '12 at 18:43
Don't drop the images into the image space under "Summary". Place it as a file in the resources! Then it must work. :) – Jonas Schnelli Apr 7 '12 at 19:37
Ok thanks, but it seems just to work if I add an entry called "Launch image" and is not working when the entry is "Launch image (ipad)". Anyway, thanks! – SpaceDog Apr 7 '12 at 20:30

I've written up instructions along with a GitHub project.

There are many steps and details to handle for everything you will want to do to fully support multiple target builds from a single Xcode project. That sample addresses...

  1. Unique app identifier for each build target
  2. Unique launch graphics
  3. Unique app icons
  4. Custom C Flags to manage distinct functionality for each build target
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I had some problems regarding multiple targets(iPhone) X multiple launch images/multiple icons when I had to add Retina icons & launch images. To solve this, I had to do do the following in plist:

  • Regarding Icons(low res & retina): In each target, I deleted the entry Icon Files (iOS 5), and added another one (Icon file). Then I modified this row (Icon file) to Icon files (basically, in singular it's type is String, and plural it automatically becomes Array), and added the image files reference, as the following:

info.plist - Icons

  • Regarding the launch images (low res & retina): I did as Jonas suggested, but using the image with retina specs (640 x 960). It works both in low res and hi res.

info.plist - Launch Image with hi-res png file

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It is actually very simple:

  1. Define "Launch image" in plist with a string you want to replace "Default" in the file name. Default.png becomes MyAppName.png etc.

  2. Simply create your filenames conforming with default filenames such as:








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Thanks a lot for this answer. I wasted two hours on these images. WTF Apple? – Davyd Mar 25 '14 at 10:23

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