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I want to find all strings containing at least 1 Cyrillic character (basically /.*[А-я].*/) but with exception of comments.

Comment is a string or part of a string which starts with 2 or more / characters. Currently I get this regex which do some part of the trick:


But I'd like to get less bloated and faster expression.

And as additional question: could anyone explain why this one is working? I combined it by trial-and-error but I'm not sure I completely understood how it works, because when I try to change it in any part - it stops working.

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The following regex will match any cyrllic character that is not preceded by a double forward slash


It specifies that it should not be preceded by a double slash by using a negative lookbehind.

You haven't specified what flavour of regex your using, but be aware some flavours don't support lookarounds. For example PCRE (javascript) doesn't. You are using 3 of them in your regex, so i presume its ok.

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Thank you, that's it! Actually I forgot about minor detail so it should be (?<!/{2}.*)[А-яЁё] and it seems to work and much cleaner. –  Ivan Ivanyuk Apr 7 '12 at 19:48

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