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I am trying to get the position of Characters in NSString using the rangeOfString method. For example if I have the word "BEER" I am looking to get the positions of the letter E in the string so I should get position 1 and 2 rangeOfString only gives me the first occurrence of the letter

NSRange range = [word rangeOfString:letter];

NSLog(@"Word is %@ Range is %d" , word, range.location);

So i only get location 1

is there another method I can use or do I have to use NSScanner for this?

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This is the way it works, according to the documentation: rangeOfString only returns the first occurrence of the string you pass in.

You could either use [rangeOfString:options:range:][1] and iterate over the results provided by it each time specifying a proper value for the range parameter, or you could use the NSRegularExpression class.

You can get a sample code for the first approach here and for the second here.

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