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I have this Perl script which is used to sort packages based on package version:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Compare versions of all *.rpm files against the
# latest packages installed (if installed)
# Usage:
# rpmver.pl
# This script looks for all *.rpm files.
use strict;
use RPM2;
my $rpm_db = RPM2->open_rpm_db();
for my $filename (<*.rpm>) {
    my $h = RPM2->open_package( $filename );
    # Ensure we compare against the newest
    # package of the given name.
    my ($installed) =
      sort { $b <=> $a } $rpm_db->find_by_name($h->name);
    if (not $installed) {
        printf "Package %s not installed.\n", $h->as_nvre;
    } else {
        my ($result) = ($h <=> $installed);
        if ($result < 0) {
            printf "Installed package %s newer than file %s\n",
        } else {
            printf "File %s newer than installed package %s\n",

I have a Linux repository with SRPMs. I want to move the packages with the latest into different directory; for example latest_packages. How must the script be modified?

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Is this something more tricky than creating a directory and copying files into it? –  brian d foy Apr 7 '12 at 21:55

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First, store all the as-of-now-latest package names in a hash called %latest_package; then after checking all packages loop over the keys of the hash and move those latest packages.

} else {
    printf "File %s newer than installed package %s\n", ...
    $latest_package{$h->name} = $installed->as_nvre;

Use File::Copy module's move() method to move the files. Don't forget to treat it like any other IO system call (die if it errors out including contents of $! error text variable; or use autodie).

foreach my $name (sort keys %latest_package) {
    File::Copy::move($latest_package{$name}, $LATEST_PACKAGE_DIR) 
        || die "Could not move $latest_package{$name} to $LATEST_PACKAGE_DIR: $!);

Use mkdir() function to create the directory if needed.

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