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I really want Resharper to format my line-wrapped ternaries in this way

    navigator.IsTerminating ?
    navigator.Context :
    navigator.Context.GetSimulatableRelative(new Navigator(navigator));

Can anyone help with this?

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This use case is somewhat challenging because I think what you're essentially after is a condition that there's a line break after the return statement if and only if the statement being returned is a ternary expression of sufficient size. (Or would you also line-break if it was a simple as x>y?1:0?) – Dmitri Nesteruk Apr 8 '12 at 7:03
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I don't think there is an out of the box way of doing this. The only way i know to influence how R# formats code is through these settings:

Resharper --> Options... --> Langauges --> C# --> Formatting Style

Resharper Options Screenshot

This doesn't allow you to write your own custom formatting rules though.

If you feel like a challenge then you could write a plugin. There is some docs and an SDK:

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