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I'm trying to re-create a website using Umbraco. For this website I have news items which I am storing in a node outside the webroot:

  • Content
    • Website Home
      • News
    • Newsmessages
      • Message 1 (created 10-10-2011)
      • Message 2 (created 15-01-2012)

I would like to use URL parameters to filter the list of newsitems to show or to show the actual news item.

  1. Shows news section:


  1. Shows news list for 2011:


  1. Shows news list for October 2011:


  1. Shows news detail for Message 1:


Can this be done without having to create all content items below /Content/Website Home/News?

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You can add new Area in Umbraco 5 jupiter and add Custom routes in Arearegisteration.cs, there is a package by Sebastiaan Janssen Jupiter as visual Studio Plugin


Use this to convert your web app to MVC application and Right Click on the Area Folder and add a new Area, VS will take care of the rest. Then add Controller and Custom Routes in AreaRegisteration.cs For example

new { controller = "ControllerName" }

if Url is www.website.com/news/2011, the action must be named news and yer will be passed in query string, you can play as you want with the URL.

Hope that Helps,


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Nice, thanks for clearing up –  Ropstah Apr 10 '12 at 7:08

This isn't possible out of the box with Umbraco. One way this could be accomplished, however, is by use of URL rewrites. You can rewrite your parameters to a query string which can be read by a macro which then, in turn, displays the desired news item(s).



...would be rewritten as something like:




...would be rewritten as:


..and so on.

The macro on the 'news' page would read the requests from the query string and write out the filtered results.

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I'm using Umbraco 5. Would it perhaps be possible to define a custom route which creates the desired effect? Or am I then bypassing Umbraco too much? –  Ropstah Apr 8 '12 at 13:04
Ah, my answer is specific to Umbraco 4, Sorry. Sher's answer looks ideal. –  Douglas Ludlow Apr 9 '12 at 13:09
Sorry for not mentioning, +1 for the answer! –  Ropstah Apr 10 '12 at 7:08

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