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Then I'm trying to create a new element with, for example

new Element('div',{'class':'name'});

all browsers create a new element with class "name". But in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 I've got this

<div className="name"></div>

As you see it creates className attribute instead of class. How can I fix this?

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//This generates 'className':
var popoutControl = new Element('div', {'class':'mySuperCoolClassName'});

// Break the line up into two lines. 
// The following will generate a 'class' attribute instead:
var popoutControl = new Element('div');
popoutControl.className = 'mySuperCoolClassName';
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new Element('div',{'class':'name'});


var mydiv = new Element('div');

As suggested from Element.ClassName('name'); is deprecated and you should use Element.addClassName().

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Please see my answer here:

Basically, Prototype 1.6 is buggy in those versions of IE. You should update Prototype. the problem is the translation list contained in Element._attributeTranslations.write

Object Element._attributeTranslations.write in Prototype

This is the list in Prototype 1.7 (And above, I suppose)

Element._attributeTranslations.write in Prototype 1.7+

I guess that worked in older versions of IE (That were probably current before IE9).

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