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Magento is acting a bit weird and not quite sure why.

It was working before but now when I add an attribute to an attribute set and then create a configuration product when I get to the "select configurable products" stage the attributes I check dont show up on the actual product creation page.

But here's the strange thing. It's as if the system inverts the options. E.g if I have 3 attributes on there and I select all three, on the product creation I cannot see any of my chosen attributes.

If I select the first and third attributes when I click continue the second attribute shows up etcbut not the actual ones I selected.

So in essence it seems to show the attributes I don't actually select. The opposite of what it should do.

Hope someone can shed some light and help fix. No idea what's going on.

Thanks for reading

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The attributes must be set on the simple products that you attach to your configurable product.

For my configurable product Foo Cleaning Supplies I selected Product Type as my configurable attribute. When I view the Associated Products tab to select the simple products that are associated with my configurable product I am only shown the products with the Product Type attribute set, since those are the only ones that can be part of my configurable product.

Screenshot of a configurable Magento product

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