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I'd like to exclude a set of pages from decoration (using sitemesh 2 and spring-mvc 3.1). Here is my decorators.xml:

<decorators defaultdir="/WEB-INF/decorators">
    <decorator name="main" page="main.jspx">

And then in my page I'm using jquery-ui tabs with ajax loaded pages, as described here: So obviously I don't want the content in the tabs decorated again! I've tried putting the pattern as /WEB-INF/view/data/tabs/* in addition to what's listed above, but that didn't work either.

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web.xml is the main properties file that gets read by the container whne launching your webapp.
It will take the interception point as a start point to your application, so every definition you make realted to your files start at this point as relative path.

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I got it to work by providing the absolute path, e.g. /spring/data/tabs/*, (web.xml is intercepting /spring/* and sending to DispatcherServlet).

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I have the same problem,and I solved is by this way that adding a new decorator named "no":

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<decorators defaultdir="/WEB-INF/layouts/">
    <decorator name="default" page="default.jsp">
    <decorator name="no" page=""></decorator>

and add the meta to your page that does not want to use decorator:

<meta name="decorator" content="no" />
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