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So this should be pretty simple, but I can't seem to find my fail point. Hopefully someone else can point it out to me.

First I go to https://github.com/login/oauth/authorize?client_id=CLIENT_ID&scope=gist and this returns a code to me. Then I do this:

import requests, json

client_id = XXXX
client_secret = XXXX
code = XXXX

r = requests.post(
r.content  # this gives me a 404 header

When I go to my test user it shows me as authorized and my app shows as having one user, but I don't have a access token.

What am I doing wrong.

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Well I was right this was a really simple problem, but I'll leave this here incase others run into the same error.

When in doubt manually define your header. So you need:

header = {'content-type':'application/json'}

And then pass in the header:

r = requests.post(

For me this solved the problem.

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This has helped me a lot in posting the data and getting the access_token.

Now, my initial scope was to get the private emails and its agreed by the user also, but when i tried to get email, i always get error

para = {'Authorization':token}
user = requests.get(https://api.github.com/user,headers=para)

I have tried with https://api.github.com/user/emails also but no luck i always get error

 {"message":"Bad credentials","documentation_url":"https://developer.github.com/v3"}

Tried with post method also, still no luck.

What is that i am missing??

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