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Can't setup Octopress blog on Github. I'm following this guide on octopress but after creating a repository on github and preparing everything I can't deploy on github.

I have two branches, master and gh-pages and after trying I have just deleted everything and I want to start from the beginning.

Should I put octopress folder inside my repository folder locally? Or do they have to be in two different folders? That guide is a bit confusing, and I am very new to git.
Can anyone who have already done it explain how to deploy on github with github-pages?

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Here is a good tutorial for setting up Octopress on github pages. Octopress on Github Pages –  Madhukarah May 31 '12 at 9:45
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I agree with you that the tutorial is a bit complicated, but follow it strictly and you will be able to setup correctly.

So, in order to do that, create like a folder into your computer with the octopress content (don't forget about installing bundler and 'rake install') and create a repo in github with YOU_USERNAME.github.com .

Finally, deploy to github, running '*rake setup_github_pages*', do generate and deploy. Your page is ready. Just go to you source folder and run the other 3 git commands, to have it backed up.

If you have doubts, see my repo for reference. I have even set my domain (lucasarruda.com) to it.

Obs.: wait for some minutes when you just created the repository. Then commiting should be almost instant.

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