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I have the following code which goes through a table that has a table name and numbers for each row

For example

Barcelona | 3 | Milan   | 6
Inter     | 6 | Chelsea | 2
Barcelona | 8 | Madrid  | 2
Inter     | 2 | Parma   | 1

With the following code I want my result to be

Barcelona 11 8 3
Inter 8 3 5

So I get the goals scored the goals against and the difference however my query works for the first row but it doesn't take the difference in the second row

    SUM(c.team1score) as GF,
    SUM(c.team2score) as GA,
    (c.team1score-c.team2score) as GD
FROM calendario AS c
GROUP BY c.team1

Why is this happening??

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got it nevermind I'm not taking the sum for the last GD –  user541597 Apr 7 '12 at 21:40
If you figured out the solution, post it as an answer below, so that future Googlers can be enlightened. –  Christian Mann Apr 7 '12 at 21:40

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Your question is not very clear but maybe you need only to take difference between the two SUM values, like in this way :

 SELECT c.team1, sum(c.team1score) as GF, sum(c.team2score) as GA, (sum(c.team1score)-sum(c.team2score)) as GD
 FROM calendario c
 group by c.team1
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