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I am having a little bit of issues with some Undefined index. I realize this could be solved by changing it the error reporting using error_reporting(E_ALL);, or ini_set('display_errors', '1');, but would like to solve this without the need to change that. Right here is my block of code that throws the error.

// print out errors
              if (!empty($errors)){
                echo '<div class="form_errors">';
                foreach ($errors as $key => $value) {
                  if (isset($value) ==  null or empty($value)){
                    $value = ' A blank value ';
                  echo '<p>Please check '. $key . ' for errors.' . $value . 'is not a valid entry.</p>';
                echo '</div>';

The part that processes my form on submit is

    //create the fields you would want required and what fields on form to check.
    $fields = array(
      'required' => array(
            'name' => '^[a-zA-Z\`\-\s]{1,30}$', //only letters plus apostrophe and hyphens, and up to 30 characters
            'Address1' => '^[a-zA-Z0-9\s\.]{1,50}$' // only letters plus numbers, spaces, periods, and up to 30 characters
      'fields' => array( 
            'name' => $_POST['name'],
            'Address1' => $_POST['Address1'],
            'Address2' => $_POST['address2']
      'redirect' => 'thankyou.php'
    $errors = TForm::validate($fields);
    // if no errors redirect
    if (empty($errors)){

And my TForm class looks like this

class TForm {
    //validation returns an error array when done. 
    public function validate($fields){
        $errors = array();
        foreach($fields['fields'] as $key=>$value) {
            foreach ($fields['required'] as $req_key => $req_value) {
                if ($key == $req_key){
                    $req_key = '\''.$req_value.'\'';
                    if (preg_match($req_key , $value) == false) {
                        $errors[$key] = $value;
        return $errors;

    //redirect function
    public function redirect($fields){
        header('Location: '. $fields['redirect']);


This is also the first class I have ever wrote so if anyone feels up to pointing out where I could have performed better or broke standards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~update~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

@jordan Sorry I wasn't clear about the error reporting E_ALL is what I'm currently using and on a production machine this error wouldn't be reported because you would be using 0. My solution was to use !empty($_POST['Name']) ? $_POST['Name']:'' If I am thinking correctly if it isn't empty it uses whatever is in $_POST['Name'] and if it is empty it sets the value to ''.

'fields' => array( 
            'Name' => !empty($_POST['Name']) ? $_POST['Name']:'',
            'Address1' => !empty($_POST['Address1']) ? $_POST['Address1']:'',
            'Address2' => !empty($_POST['Address2']) ? $_POST['Address2']:''


@mike using isset results in the field always failing ie

'fields' => array( 
            'Name' => !isset($_POST['Name']) ? $_POST['Name']:'',
            'Address1' => !isset($_POST['Address1']) ? $_POST['Address1']:'',
            'Address2' => !isset($_POST['Address2']) ? $_POST['Address2']:''

results in when name equals a valid variable, such as Frank Wiebenga

Please check Name for errors. A blank value is not a valid entry.
Please check Address1 for errors. A blank value is not a valid entry.

using the empty method when Name equals a valid variable, such as Frank Wiebenga returns correctly

Please check Address1 for errors. A blank value is not a valid entry.
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what is full error message, which index undefined ? – zb' Apr 7 '12 at 22:04
error_reporting Development Value: "E_ALL | E_STRICT" ALWAYS in which line is the error? – ZiTAL Apr 7 '12 at 22:04
Also note that regardless your error, this line does not make sense: if (isset($value) == null or empty($value)). isset returns boolean, so it can never be literally null, though checking it with == null will also evaluate to false... but instead of this whole construct you could've just checked if(empty($value)) – poncha Apr 7 '12 at 22:12
You should always use an E_ALL error-reporting level in your development environment. Without it you're just making your job as a developer more difficult. By all means use a lower error-reporting level in your production environment, but not in development. – Jordan Apr 7 '12 at 22:27
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According to your update, you should use isset instead of empty, so you avoid the undefined index error:

$name = (isset($_POST['Name'])) ? $_POST['Name'] : '';

More info on isset.

-- Update --

Try flipping the ternary assignment:

$name = (!isset($_POST['Name'])) ? '' : $_POST['Name'];
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Thank you so much for your help. – atrueresistance Apr 8 '12 at 13:53

You need to add the Full error message to help you better but form your script i notice that the only external variable not declared are the $_POST values please update your code below and lets know the exact errors you still have .

    //create the fields you would want required and what fields on form to check.

    if(!isset($_POST['name']) || !isset($_POST['Address1']) || !isset($_POST['address2']))
        die("Empty POST NOt allowed ");


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General answer to the undefined index notice:

$myArray['myKey'] will produce an undefined index notice if myKey doesn't exist in the $myArray array. You can solve this by checking for its existing prior to using it.

if (array_key_exists($myArray, 'myKey')) {
  echo $myArray['myKey'];
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