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I am trying to spec the click event handler on the following Backbone view:

class ItemView extends Backbone.View
    "click": "addToCurrentlyFocusedList"

  addToCurrentlyFocusedList: (e) =>
    window.currentlyFocusedList.add @model

This is what I have:

describe "ItemView", ->
  beforeEach ->
    @item = new Backbone.Model
      id: 1
      name: "Item 1"
    @view = new ItemView model: @item

  describe "when clicked", ->
    it "adds the item to the currently focused list", ->
      window.currentlyFocusedList = sinon.stub()
      window.currentlyFocusedList.add = sinon.stub()
      @view.$el.trigger "click"
      expect(window.currentlyFocusedList.add).toHaveBeenCalledWith @item

This works but it bothers me for some reason. Maybe it feels too much like I am testing implementation.

One possible improvement I can see is moving the click event handler, the spec, and the currentlyFocusedList into a new view called AppView:

describe "AppView", ->
  beforeEach ->
    @view = new AppView

  it "adds a clicked item to the currently focused list", ->
    $clickedItem = @view.$(".item:first")
    $clickedItem.trigger "click"
    expect(@view.currentlyFocusedList.pluck('id')).toInclude $clickedItem.attr('data-id')

It's nice that this also removes window pollution. It also tests that the item really is added to the collection. That aside, is moving the event handler and spec into AppView better than my first approach? Is there a better way to go about this?

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Subjective question. This probably belongs on or – Trevor Burnham Apr 8 '12 at 2:41
Cool. I didn't know about Thanks for the tip! – Laconical Apr 8 '12 at 3:19

I would stub out window.currentlyFocusedList with a dummy Collection, and test that it was added there. Something along these lines:

beforeEach ->
  @collection = new Backbone.Collection()
  spyOn(window, 'currentlyFocusedList').andReturn @collection

it "adds the item to the collection", ->
  expect(@collection).toInclude @item

This tests what your code actually does; the code for how adding an item to a collection affects the view lives somewhere else, and should be tested somewhere else.

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