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The following did not work:

delegate MyDelegate;
ref class MyDelegate;
delegate void MyDelegate;

The following works for declaration:

public delegate void MyDelegate(Object ^sender, MyArgs ^args);

But using it as a forward declaration gives me

error C3756: 'MyNameSpace::MyDelegate': delegate definition conflicts with an existing symbol
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One suggestion was to forward declare MyArgs but even that did not help. Could someone please help? –  Agnel Kurian Jul 16 '09 at 14:36

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This work's for me;


public delegate void Handler(bool isit);


#include "stdafx.h"
using namespace System;

namespace MY {
   namespace Namespace
       public ref class Objeks
           public: Objeks() {}
           public: event Handler^ OnHandler;
           public: void __clrcall Runner(bool checkit)
              if(&Objeks::OnHandler != nullptr) 

I left the default VS 2010 C++/CLI project alone for the most part, I would expect that if your going through the trouble of forward declarations, the using namespace System; would go in the header's also :)

Maybe you did not want to use event? But it seems to simply the structure.

I added the error check after considering (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/649633/error-compiling-c-cli-delegate-call).

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