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I'm a little struggeling with results from a database fetch

lets say i have some rows

   array('id'=>1, 'surname'=>'rossi', 'name'=>'mario', 'group'=>'admin'), 
   array('id'=>2, 'surname'=>'rossi', 'name'=>'giovanni', 'group'=>'user'), 
   array('id'=>3, 'surname'=>'verdi', 'name'=>'luigi', 'group'=>'user'), 
   array('id'=>4, 'surname'=>'verdi', 'name'=>'franco', 'group'=>'guest'), 
   array('id'=>5, 'surname'=>'bianchi', 'name'=>'mario', 'group'=>'guest') 

now what do I have to do to put these 5 rows into a grouped array?


user = array(
   array('id'=>2, 'surname'=>'rossi', 'name'=>'giovanni', 'group'=>'user'), 
   array('id'=>3, 'surname'=>'verdi', 'name'=>'luigi', 'group'=>'user'))
guest = array(
   array('id'=>4, 'surname'=>'verdi', 'name'=>'franco', 'group'=>'guest'), 
   array('id'=>5, 'surname'=>'bianchi', 'name'=>'mario', 'group'=>'guest')) 
admin = array(
   array('id'=>1, 'surname'=>'rossi', 'name'=>'mario', 'group'=>'admin'))
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How are you generating the array? If it's from a database, you can append each row to an empty array using $arr[] = $row. – Bojangles Apr 7 '12 at 22:48
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// get query result
$result = mysql_query(...);

// prepare the target array
// it will hold user groups having group name as key
// eg. "user" => Array(), "guest" => Array()
$users = Array();

// whlile fetching rows from the result, add each row into $row["group"] key of target
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
   $users[$row["group"]][] = $row;

// free the mysql result

Update: There is no real need to define the keys in the target $user variable. to make code readable and manageable it is enough to comment on the general structure.

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Prepping the array is redundant, as each distinctive group will do that automatically in the while loop. – Mike Purcell Apr 7 '12 at 22:54
@MikePurcell it will, but the same way that i like to define variables before using them, i think it makes code more readable. especially when you know form the beginning what the grouping looks like. – poncha Apr 7 '12 at 22:58
wow, thanks, that was fast and very helpful, finally, after about 2 hours of trial and error :) – daiikota Apr 7 '12 at 22:59
@Poncha: So if you add another group to the database, you are going to remember to update the code, push it to production? – Mike Purcell Apr 7 '12 at 23:01
Well, you're right, i could've just put up a comment on the definition stating the structure ;) Hang on, i'll update the answer... – poncha Apr 7 '12 at 23:04

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