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How can I exclude certain terms based on length? For example do not index terms less than 3 letters or more than 20 letters. Also exclude words starting with a number.


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You can write a custom token filter to do all this. Refer to http://lucene.apache.org/core/old_versioned_docs/versions/3_5_0/api/all/org/apache/lucene/analysis/package-summary.html more details.

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StandardAnalyzer has a maxTokenLength property that you can set and I think it already eliminates tokens starting with digits. But, if you'll have more specific needs, you'll need to make your own Analyzer and possibly TokenFilter. Contrary to Lucene's docs, it is not "straightforward" to implement these classes due to the unusual coding patters stemming from the top-performance requirement on the tokenization procedure. For example, there is no way to just slightly modify the behavior of StandardAnalyzer by extending it, you must start from one of the base classes. If you extend the same class as StandardAnalyzer, you are creating a reusable analyzer where you must take additional care to meet its contract.

So, first try to throw together an analyzer from existing filters. For example, there is a LengthFilter provided in the core Lucene. That failing, implement your own filter and build it into your analyzer.

This might help you as a start in implementing both a filter and an analyzer:

public class MyFilter extends FilteringTokenFilter 
  private final CharTermAttribute termAtt = addAttribute(CharTermAttribute.class);

  public MyFilter(TokenStream in) { super(false, in); }

  protected boolean accept() {
    final int len = termAtt.length();
    final int d = termAtt.charAt(0) - '0':
    return len >= 3 && len <= 20 && (d < 0 || d > 9);

public final class MyAnalyzer extends ReusableAnalyzerBase 
  @Override protected TokenStreamComponents createComponents(
      String fieldName, Reader reader) 
    final Tokenizer source = new LowerCaseTokenizer(Version.LUCENE_35, reader);
    return new TokenStreamComponents(source, new MyFilter(source));
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