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I am new in rails,and I create the first rails application (Blog) follow the guide at rails's docs step by step.

However when I run the application,I found something I can not understand.


With GET method,this will return the details of post whose id is 2.

But when update this post,I found the action of the form is '/posts/2'.

When delete the post,I found rails create a form element in the body with action '/posts/2' and method POST,so I wonder how does rails know update or delete this post?

Since I do not found any condition word in the post controller.

Anyone can tell me?

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Which action is run is determined by a unique combination of the path and the verb

Do the command rake routes in your app folder, and you'll see a list of routes.

Paths, are the RESTful routes to your resources.

Verbs are GET POST DELETE, and PUT

I would also recommend the Rails Routing Guide as reading, which explains this in a lot more detail.

Here's sample output from rake routes from one of my apps:

      path name|verb  |path                              |action
    alias_lists GET    /alias_lists(.:format)             alias_lists#index
                POST   /alias_lists(.:format)             alias_lists#create
 new_alias_list GET    /alias_lists/new(.:format)         alias_lists#new
edit_alias_list GET    /alias_lists/:id/edit(.:format)    alias_lists#edit
     alias_list GET    /alias_lists/:id(.:format)         alias_lists#show
                PUT    /alias_lists/:id(.:format)         alias_lists#update
                DELETE /alias_lists/:id(.:format)         alias_lists#destroy

Note that show, update and destroy all have the same path, but a different verb.

show's verb    = GET
update's verb  = PUT
destroy's verb = DELETE
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Its all in your routes.rb. Nice answer @normalocity –  Igor Escobar Apr 8 '12 at 0:54
But for path /posts/2,the verbs is POST,both the path and verb are the same. How does rails know to delete or update the post 2? –  hguser Apr 8 '12 at 8:30
The verbs are not the same for destroy and update. The destroy action takes the DELETE verb and the update action takes the PUT verb. I've updated my answer with some samples. If your rake routes output doesn't look very similar to what I've posted above, then please post it in your question so we can see what you're talking about. We would also need to see the code in config/routes.rb –  jefflunt Apr 8 '12 at 13:09

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