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I want to insert into a MySQL row if the row doesn't exist, or update it if it does exist.

Something like this:

$sqlQuery = "INSERT INTO table (Value1, Value2) VALUES ('$var1', '$var2') WHERE UniqueKey='$id'";

Is something like that possible?

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INSERT INTO table (UniqueKey,Value1, Value2) VALUES ('$id','$var1', '$var2') 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Value1 = '$var1',Value2 = '$var1';
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User MySQL's REPLACE command:

$sqlQuery = "REPLACE INTO table (id, Value1, Value2) VALUES ('$id', '$var1', '$var2')";

It works the same as a normal INSERT, but if the primary key (in you case 'id') matches then it will replace all the values specified.

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replace into table (UniqueKey,Value1,Value2) values ('$id','$var1','$var2');

replace is similar to insert, however if the unique key exists in table, it will delete first, and than insert.

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