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Can anybody tell me using svn on OS 10.7.3 with a tcsh shell what date formats are accepted? I'm attempting to do an svn up -r {DATE} and every time I get this:

svn: Syntax error in revision argument

The formats described here are not accepted: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.2/svn.tour.revs.html

My last attempt was to try an checkout:

svn checkout --revision {2012-02-17} svn+ssh://blah/blah blah
svn: Syntax error in revision argument '2012-02-17'


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Yeah, tcsh is different than bash in this regard: the issue is the curly braces. Try:

svn checkout --revision \{2012-02-17\} svn+ssh://blah/blah blah

I hope this helps,

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