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How do I include special characters like @ and & in the cURL POST data? I'm trying to pass a name and password like:

curl -d name=john passwd=@31&3*J https://www.mysite.com

This would cause problems as @ is used for loading files and & for specifying more than one key/value. Is there some way I can escape these characters? \@ and \& don't seem to work.

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cURL > 7.18.0 has an option --data-urlencode which solves this problem. Using this, I can simply send a POST request as

curl -d name=john --data-urlencode passwd=@31&3*J https://www.mysite.com
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How about using the entity codes...

@ = %40

& = %26

So, you would have:

curl -d 'name=john&passwd=%4031%263*J' https://www.mysite.com

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I did this

~]$ export A=g

~]$ export B=!

~]$ export C=nger

   curl http://<>USERNAME<>1:$A$B$C@<>URL<>/<>PATH<>/
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Double quote (" ") the entire URL .It works.

curl "http://www.mysite.com?name=john&passwd=@31&3*J"
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