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Wandering through ScalaQuery source code I've found such declarations (many of the kind actually):

private[session] val dyn = new DynamicVariable[Session](null)


def forDataSource(ds: DataSource): Database = new Database {
  protected[session] def createConnection(): Connection = ds.getConnection

What does that [session] mean? And I thought a function defined inside a function can not be protected...

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But createConnection is not inside forDataSource, it's inside Database -- see the new Database { on the previous line?

It means that everything in the scope session (which might be a class, object or package -- I don't know) can see that definition, plus the classes that extend Database.

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session in this case is package scope –  virtualeyes Apr 8 '12 at 7:08

private[<scope>] modifier means "private for the scope", i.e. only classes that belong to the (package or class) scope have access to the member.

protected[<scope>] means that only classes that extend this class and belong to the scope have access to the member.

Beside those, there is also private[this], which means that the member is visible only inside a concrete instance of the class.

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