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I am developing a program in python to download a list of files. The are named as:


The problem is I don't Know whether the file exists. So I have to check all the urls from 404 How can i make a generator that increments the counter for 'year'-'month'-'date'-'num if one link fails then skip the date and if all links of particular month fails skip month and so on I can only write code that is having lot of 'if's is there any better idea

for year in [2012,2011]:
    for month in range(1,12):
        for day in range(1,31):
            for num in range(1,100):   
                check = str(year)+'-'+str(month)+'-'+str(day)
                if check not in wset_fail:
                    link = generate_name(year,month,day,num)
                    if link!='':
                        if download(link)==False:   

Its Working I am asking for some better solution

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a simple three nested for loops with a single if would work. Show us what you tried and why it failed. –  PA. Apr 8 '12 at 6:55
You want range(1, 13) and range(1, 32). You also want to reuse check instead of recalculating str(year)+…. Furthermore, the test check not in wset_fail can be removed, since all check values are new, in the innermost loop. –  EOL Apr 8 '12 at 9:11
check checks whether set of files for a particular file is already failed –  Sreevisakh Apr 9 '12 at 7:13

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Make a separate generator for dates as described at Iterating through a range of dates in Python. Then use the dates to download files.

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