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I am having a problem with implementing the algorithm for computing a prefix sum in parallel. Even though this algorithm has 3 steps, I am unable to write the code, as no pseudo-code is given.

I went through various material on the web and also on stack overflow, but I didn't get the exact implementation of the algorithm as given on the wiki. The wiki mentions the following:

A prefix sum can be calculated in parallel by the following steps::

  1. Compute the sums of consecutive pairs of items in which the first item of the pair has an even index: z0 = x0 + x1, z1 = x2 + x3, etc.
  2. Recursively compute the prefix sum w0, w1, w2, ... of the sequence z0, z1, z2, ...
  3. Expand each term of the sequence w0, w1, w2, ... into two terms of the overall prefix sum: y0 = x0, y1 = w0, y2 = w0 + x2, y3 = w1, etc. After the first value, each successive number yi is either copied from a position half as far through the w sequence, or is the previous value added to one value in the x sequence

Can someone please suggest a pseudo-code implementation for me to check and implement?

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Isn't this a duplicate question? What have you tried? – Blastfurnace Apr 8 '12 at 4:35
If you read it properly the text you've clipped IS pseudo-code. – High Performance Mark Apr 8 '12 at 8:20
High Performance Mark:: I haven't understand the third step properly. – user1134599 Apr 8 '12 at 8:31
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I believe the provided answer is not enough to understand the algorithm, so I provided an actual answer with more comprehensive pseudocode here: based on which is a complete article describing the optimum parallel algorithm according to:

Blelloch, Guy E. 1990. "Prefix Sums and Their Applications." Technical Report CMU-CS-90-190, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

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What you wrote is pretty much pseudo-code on its own, but I hope this will help.

prefix_sum(List x):List
   //This step is split in multiple tasks that are running in paralell
   //build z, be careful around the end
   w = prefix_sum(z)

   //This step should also be split in multiple tasks
   //build y, using w and x
   return y

EDIT: yi is desired sum we want to get, yi = wi/2, if i%2 == 1, and wi/2-1+x, otherwise. Here we assume, that w-1=0

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