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i am not sure that this is the right place to ask this question, but i will anyway. i have only been working with html / javascript & jquery for about 2 months, but i have learned a little. this is what i am trying to do. i have a free image gallery that i managed to included in a website i am trying to make. the gallery works fine, and i have set it up so that on top of each image is a button that fires a short .mp4. it works fine, but when i click the gallery button to show the next page of pictures (about 15 per page), there are my old buttons. i think, just maybe if i could figure out what js or jq function id being called i may be able to swap in new buttons. but i cannot understand what is happening. i looked for an onclick, but what they use is a bunch of "this" statements. i am pretty sure they are using an anchor tag to flip the page, but i can't figure out what is being called. so i came across this site, and after about 10 attempts, finally got the thing to let me join. i'm hoping i can post the code and maybe somebody could tell me what is happening. i guess this wasn't much of a question, just an appeal for assistance.

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You question is a bit unclear. Yes, you can post all the code you want! People will be able to help you better that way. –  Jatin Apr 8 '12 at 7:24

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Are you asking how you can debug your code? If you are using Chrome, you can use its Javascript debugger. Similarly, Firebug is a good developer plugin for Firefox.

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