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I set up nginx as a front end server for static content and I use Apache as a backend server for other thing.

The thing is I can't find a logical answer that allows me to make nginx.exe a Windows system service (like my Apache).

Any come across an answer to this?

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Overview (taken from blog post):

  1. Download the latest version of Windows Service Wrapper from here.
    • Current version as of this writing is v1.17.
  2. Rename winsw-1.xx-bin.exe to something like nginxservice.exe.
    • This is the name that will show up for the process that owns your nginx process.
  3. Place an XML file next to the exe with the same base name, e.g. nginxservice.xml. The contents should be like below (verify your nginx location).

      <startargument>-p c:\nginx</startargument>
      <stopargument>-p c:\nginx -s stop</stopargument>
  4. Run the command nginxservice.exe install.

You will now have an nginx service in your Services! (It is set to start automatically; if you want to start your server, you must go and manually start the service.)

Detailed description of correctly setting up nginx as a Windows Service:

Additional info not contained in above blog post:

You can find the latest version of the Windows Service Wrapper also via this Maven Repository:



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Note, there appears to be a new repo for WinSW with newer binaries available. –  Phrogz Apr 24 at 17:50
@Phrogz Thanks for updating. –  Jörg Apr 25 at 13:47
It works fine, but I have issues with stoping service. It hangs. When I invoke stop command manually (from command line) it asks me for PEM pass phrase (I have SSL configured). How to get rid of that interactive question? –  Bartosz Bilicki May 7 at 10:58
Note that tou have to put 2 stop arguments (tested in 1.18):<stopargument>-s</stopargument> <stopargument>stop</stopargument> –  c-toesca Sep 22 at 1:18
In nginxservice.xml I needed to remove the space character from after -p for it to load correctly. <startargument>-pc:\nginx</startargument>. Tried on 1.8.0 and 1.9.5 –  Gerard Sexton Sep 25 at 7:14

Download NSSM form . "Run %NSSM_HOME%\nssm.exe install “Nginx”"

Select the Nginx executable in the NSSM dialog, then OK. Go to Services and start the new created service "Nginx", done.

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SC.EXE will only work for executables that already support the Windows Services API and can respond properly to start and stop requests from the Services Control Manager (SCM). Other regular applications, not specifically written as a service, will simply fail to start (usually with error 1053)...

For those exe's, you need a "service wrapper" -- a small utility that can accept the start/stop commands from the SCM and run/terminate your application accordingly. Microsoft provides Srvany (which is free yet very basic), but there are several other free and commercial alternatives.

BTW, you should check out this guide showing how to run Nginix as a service, especially step 7 which discusses how to stop Nginix properly. Not every wrapper will support that functionality (Srvany doesn't)...

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Official nginx wiki referes on winginx for this purpose. It builds exe-installer in linux environment. Process looks like this:

sudo apt-get install nsis
cd winginx-master/
ls -lh ./build/nginx-service.exe
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Download zip file from here.

Extract nginx-service.exe from winginx\build and run it.

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