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Sceneaory:i'm using GWT-platform Dispatch Command pattern.i want to deploy my static content in one http server,such as Appache httpd,and dynamic content in other web container,such as WebSphere etc.

Question: I have a ActionHandler servlet in my backend service,this should be in web container,and which URL will be for example, my static conten is deployed on I don't want to use Appache httpd's proxy-pass,just want to indicate my serviceimpl's url in client's dispatchAsync interface,how i can implement it?


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In your Guice module you can configure the URL:

serveRegex("/" + ActionImpl.DEFAULT_SERVICE_NAME + ".*").with(

Have a look at the documentation

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Thank for your response. Should this be configured in server-side? my meaning is just want to configure server's URL.It seems that i met a SOP problem. any other suggestion? Thanks again! –  chendl Apr 9 '12 at 0:19

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