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I already know how to create a new cmd window from a batch script with custom color, and a new cmd window with a custom prompt. However am wanting to find a way of combining the two together...

Here is what I have in my batch file to create a new cmd window with customised prompt (in this case, the customised prompt is the windows version details):

start cmd /k "prompt $v"

... And this is what I'm doing to create a new cmd window with customised color:

start cmd /k "color 42"

I've tried the following to combine the two, but none of them work:

start cmd /k "color 42" /k "prompt $v"

start cmd /k"color 42" "prompt $v"

If anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Been searching via Google and other forums but after spending over an hour on a fruitless search I thought I'd ask a question here...

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The only thing you are missing is the operator that will concatenate multiple commands on one line: &.

start cmd /k "color 42&prompt $v"

This operator works in all situations, not just within the command string for the CMD command. There are a few concatenation operators with different behavior:

  • & - Always executes the next command
  • && - Only executes the next command if the prior command was successful (ERRORLEVEL=0)
  • || - Only executes the next command if the prior command failed (ERRORLEVEL<>0)
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Ahhh so that's what I was missing... thanks heaps :). This will definitely come in handy – Rob Apr 8 '12 at 12:55


start cmd /k"color 42; prompt $v"
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Thanks for the feedback Maksym, although in the new cmd window I get a whole lot of information about setting the color foreground and background. I tried start cmd /k "color 42; prompt $v" and start cmd /k "color 42"; "prompt $v" and they didn't work either. I know I could create another batch file that has the color and prompt settings built in, but I have been specifically told to create a new command window with custom text and background color and custom prompt... – Rob Apr 8 '12 at 10:22

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