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My current problem is that I would like to know the type of the cv::Mat-frames grabbed by cv::VideoCapture from a video file. The documentation doesn't specify that (as is often the case, so even if I have overlooked it in this particular case, it would still be helpful to get an answer for dealing with the problem in general).

Of course, I could open the appropriate OpenCV header file and go through the CV_64FC2, ... macros to find a macro which matches the Mat's type(). But I'm kind of sick of that. There must be an easier way.

Isn't there any function that lets me translate a Mat's type() to a human-readable format ? Like this:

cv::Mat myMatWithUnknownType;

// Some code modifying myMatWithUnknownType.
// ...

std::string readableType = myMatWithUnknownType.typeString();
std::cout << readableType; // Prints "CV_64FC3".

How do you deal with that?

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First, the format that come from cameras is only one: CV_8UC3. This is hardcoded in OpenCV, and any video format is converted to this before being sent to user. So

capture >> frame; 

Will always return a RGB image, of 8 bits per channel.

Now, for other types you can write your function, keeping in mid that there are not so many types supported in OpenCV: A Mat can be of type char, uchar, short, ushort, int, uint, float, double, of 1 to 512 channels (according to the latest docs.) So writing your own type_to_string() is not difficult.

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