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i've created financialTrack table in mysql, to log inserted rows in financial table, and then create this trigger to doing it:

CREATE TRIGGER INS_after_financ 
INSERT INTO `financialTrack` (user, changedValue) VALUES (NEW.user, NEW.Value);

these are my tables structure :

TABLE NAME:  financial
| Column       | Type         | Null  | AI    |
| id           | int(10)      | FALSE | TRUE  |
| user         | VARCHAR(40)  | FALSE |       |
| Value        | BIGINT(12)   | FALSE |       |

TABLE NAME:  financialTrack
| Column       | Type         | Null  |   Def.Value     |
| user         | VARCHAR(40)  | FALSE |                 |
| changedValue | BIGINT(12)   | FALSE |                 |
| ts           | timestamp    | FALSE |CURRENT_TIMESTAMP|

do you have any suggestion to fill user field in financialTrack table with PHP script and remove user column from financial table ?

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There are several ways to approach this task, but this lecture will surely help you to learn the basics of handling database queries with PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdo.php.

PDO extension is currently quite popular and preferred over the other native mysql and mysqli extensions. You will find some other useful information by searching for PDO on stackoverflow.

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