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Ill try and explain this as well as i can, im creating an online exam simluator which has a total of 36 questions i come across the JS Formwizard here its the first one in red, i thought the functionality would be ideal for the look and feel of what im after, i done all the question and this is the part im stuck on, in the JSfile that comes with the formwizard it creates a new div and appends it to the form in this div there are two buttons called "Back" and "Next" when i get to the last question the next button disappears which is fine but i need to show a Finish button where the user can click and it executes the code behind the page iv added this button the same way as the other do but when the page loads and i click finish i get BtnFinish_click is underfined im not 100% on why this would happen because when i create the button i have given it a onlick="BtnFinish_Click" and there is a method in the code behind waiting for the click...... would some please be able to help me on this? this is how i added the button in the JSFormWizard

var $paginatediv = $('<div class="formpaginate" style="overflow:hidden; width:570px;"><span class="prev" id="BtnPrev" style="float:left">Back</span> <span class="status">Q 1 of </span> <span class="next" id="BtnNext" style="float:right">Next</span><span class="next" id="BtnFinish" visible="false" runat="server" onclick="BtnFinish_Click" style="float:right">Finish</span></div>')// Last span is the finish button

Its the last span tag

any help would be highly appreciated. im aware its not a button but when i add a button it goes all weird and takes the behavior of the next button.....

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jsfiddle the script – Vohuman Apr 8 '12 at 10:51
Iv tried getting it on there, but it doesnt build the div with the back and next buttons. – CodeRatchet Apr 8 '12 at 11:05

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