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I've been messing around with the new Play framework 2.0 for a possible petproject. After deploying a testapplication to Heroku I wanted to perform some checks to see how I can manage my data which will be stored into Heroku's postgresql database.

I stumbled upon the db:pull and db:push command. Apparently it should be easy to take a dump of my development environment's db and overwrite the database of my production environment (and the other way around) with it. However while testing I noticed that it seems to ignore my SEQUENCES? Is it supposed to only copy the tables and their data? My schema is looking like this:

CREATE SEQUENCE task_id_seq;
id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('task_id_seq'),
label varchar(255)

So my 'task_id_seq'-SEQUENCE is not being extracted for some reason. I tried it both from prod to dev and the other way around and they both leave out my SEQUENCES. I hope that I'm overlooking something...?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I tried out pgbackups to produce and place dumps instead, and it's working flawlessly.

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